AKA Work

AKA: also known as. How does your company or institution want to be known? Here at AKA, we like to think we help our clients craft how they want to be known. AKA creates the strategic communications clients need to reach, to inspire, and to engage their target audiences. Through client collaboration, creative acumen, and a high degree of attention to the quality of the end product, AKA can help establish how your company or institution wants to be known.

Below you will find many new projects, and some of the best of the old.

Stanford 125

Cisco DNA Identity

Applied Wisdom by James C. Morgan

The Shop@Agilent

Stanford Management Company Website

Stanford Management Company Investment Report

Zamurai Digital Whiteboard App


CASBS at Stanford University


“I’ve worked with AKA for many years. They’ve always provided spot-on service, and stellar creative; and, they happen to be a block down from a good, old-fashioned milkshake at the Creamery”
– Milan Lazich, Jill Milan