AKA Work: Brand & Identity

AKA has been working with companies to build their brand from the ground up, refresh and evolve their existing brand, as well as working alongside established companies to extend their brand through all channels of communication. We develop unique company identities that are the product of a collaborative creative process, that allows clients to be a valued contributor to the final design solution.

Brand Systems

Stanford School of Earth Sciences

Perigon Identity

Zamurai Digital Whiteboard App



Stanford FSI


Farmland Futures Initiative

Cisco DNA Identity

Applied Wisdom for the Nonprofit Sector

HP Security Logomarks

Aviatrix Iconography

More Projects

AKA has the expertise to fit your design needs. In our three decades of experience we have worked on both large- and small-scale projects, both print and web projects, and we have created new brands as well as supported existing brands. We collaborate with our clients — and bring a talented team of creatives to make sure your projects gets done right. Below you will find a broad range of design projects AKA can help with:


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