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The presentation slide deck is the modern corporate workhorse: customer facing, product explaining, or keynote visionary. Pulled together with the “dreaded”, but oh-so-necessary Powerpoint, or Google slides, or Keynote, your presentations don’t need to be clunky, or home-grown, or a mind-numbing collection of colors, typefaces, and animation effects. AKA can help you develop a compelling presentation, with a clear narrative, consistent branding, and just the right amount of “gee-whiz” polish. We can also help your company develop a bullet-proof master template, so your broad array of company communications, whether internal or external, have consistent branding.





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AKA has the expertise to fit your design needs. In our three decades of experience we have worked on both large- and small-scale projects, both print and web projects, and we have created new brands as well as supported existing brands. We collaborate with our clients — and bring a talented team of creatives to make sure your projects gets done right. Below you will find a broad range of design projects AKA can help with:

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